May 21, 2024

NEKLO DIGEST #2: 8 Reddit eCommerce Questions on Magento & eCommerce Answered

Nadya Bakhur

Researcher, Technical Writer

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

 Reddit questions about e-commerce answered

Nadya Bakhur

Researcher, Technical Writer

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

 Reddit questions about e-commerce answered

This is the 2nd issue of the NEKLO digest. We’ve collected 8 ecommerce Reddit questions about custom Magento development and ecommerce development and invited our senior Magento specialist Michail Klimovich to comment on them.

The outlined below answers are based on the practical work experience.

Off we go!

Introduction: How Does eCommerce Work in 2021?

In 2021, growth in the ecommerce space keeps going. The number of online stores and their revenue is increasing daily. According to the data reported by Statista, the global ecommerce sales in 2020 made more than 4.206 trillions USD.

The chart below shows the consistent pace at which the ecommerce market and ecommerce services continue to gain scale.

The question: “Is ecommerce worth it?” doesn’t exist anymore. Moreover, expansion of ecommerce has brought a certain rivalry among online merchants as well as among custom software development firms that help business owners to move their activities online.  

Based on the tendencies and our company’s long-time experience in the domain, we strongly believe that in 2021 ecommerce will remain a top priority for businesses in every niche and of any size. Custom software development specialists here and there are recommending to continuously improve digital content, apply the latest ecommerce marketing techniques, and strive for delivering exceptional customer experience.

Large ecommerce venture owners as well as private entrepreneurs share the same challenges related to the online presence of their businesses. Many realize that hiring an agile software development team would have become a solution for a lot of arising problems. However, normally it requires additional investments and makes companies think twice before opting for custom software development.

How Does Reddit Work To Benefit eCommerce: Collection of Frequently Asked Questions on Custom Magento Development

Michail Klimovich is a certified Magento developer with over 5 years of experience working on major ecommerce website development projects. At NEKLO, Michail helps to deliver functional customised software for ecommerce and Magento 2 plugins.

How to use Reddit for an ecommerce specialist? For this digest, we have invited Michail, our senior Magento developer, and below we have provided his frank opinion regarding the Magento platform, its benefits for ecommerce and for those opting for custom Magento website development. He has provided his point of view on 8 ecommerce business Reddit questions frequently asked in January 2021.

1. Does Magento make an efficient platform to launch a CRM or ecommerce project (a mobile app)?

Michail: “As for a CRM, Magento is not quite a suitable solution. For an ecommerce project, however, Magento will be a great option. One of the options is to create a responsive website layout that will allow you to view the website on both desktop and mobile devices.

Another option is to go for Magento-based microservices that will be accessed then by your developed mobile application. Progressive Web App (PWA) is one of the most effective technologies for mobile devices. The latest Magento 2.4 contains the PWA Studio created to make the process of PWA development easier and faster.”

Learn other benefits Magento 2.4 has to offer in our article Magento 2.4: What’s New and How to Benefit with the Update.

2. What is the best Magento 2 extension for payment gateway?

Michail: “There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The choice may depend on geographical peculiarities and chosen payment methods. The most reliable and proven payment methods are already included in the basic Magento version.”

If you are looking for reliable and secure Magento 2 modules, we offer you to visit NEKLO Magento extensions store. Our developers create extensions that are able to add functionality to your online store. NEKLO’s Magento 2 widgets are easy to set up and customize. Just follow the guidelines attached to the extensions’ descriptions.

In case you haven’t found the extension to fit your needs, our specialists will help with custom Magento extensions development. This is how you can get a solution tailored to your requirements.

3. What can be done to improve the speed of Magento 2 stores?

Michail: “To speed up your Magento store I recommend to take the following steps:

  • Enable production mode;
  • Configure server caching;
  • Disable the unnecessary modules from the basic Magento package and the functionality that you don’t use.”

Searching to improve your Magento-based website? Check out our Magento support & maintenance services. The specialists from our Magento development agency will help to speed up the operations to ensure excellent customer experience.

4. As Adobe stopped support for Magento 1, how are online store owners still on M1 solving the problems?

Michail: “If you’re not planning to develop your business, expand it, scale it, then it’s better to remain on Magento 1. First and foremost, migration to Magento 2 provides you with an opportunity to install the latest extensions and updates, which is essential for sustainable business growth.”

In one of our latest articles, we’ve provided an overview of the key Magento 2 benefits. If you have doubts regarding the “migrate or not migrate” issue, our Magento web development specialists will take all your worries away, providing you with migration and upgrade services.

5. What are the alternatives to Magento?

Michail: “Magento is a solution that fits the needs of businesses from various niches and of various sizes. However, the best alternative to Magento for small web stores in my opinion is Shopify. It is easy to set up even for an inexperienced ecommerce developer and boasts the fastest page load times.

For private entrepreneurs, I would also recommend ecommerce modules for Drupal and WordPress. They are not that feature-rich and do not provide that much space as Magento does for extension development, but at the same time they don’t require investments, which is important for small companies.”

If you are looking for Magento alternatives, just like the random Reddit user, check out NEKLO ecommerce platforms overview on Medium. We’ve gathered the main pros and cons of the most popular ecommerce solutions to allow you to select the one that suits your business needs the best.

6. Why are Magento-based websites slow?

Michail: “The main feature of Magento is its versatility and the ability to adapt to any requirements. As a common case, company owners establish their requirements from the very start and do not plan ahead of time to expand the business. In such a case, the easiest way to improve performance is to opt for a custom app development. Your system will lose its flexibility, but it will help to speed up the website.”

If you need custom application development services, NEKLO is ready to become your partner. Our professional crew will tailor the project delivery to fit your case and give you impactful results.

7. What ERP solution would you recommend for Magento 2?

Michail: “Talking about enterprise resource planning (ERP), I think that NetSuite is the right solution to try. It is cloud-hosted and satisfies the requirements of various companies, from midsize to large enterprises. It provides access to ecommerce analytics and helps business owners to deal with:

  • Financial management;
  • Revenue/order/billing/inventory management;
  • Fixed assets.”

Learn what is Magento Log and why you need it from our article.

8. What’s the current state of the Magento 2 development environment? Has Magento/Adobe or the community put something together that is broadly supported/used/maintained by the community?

Michail: “I’d highlight the release of Magento Cloud, which is a dedicated and automated hosting platform for Magento Commerce software. Its features include:

  • Scalability;
  • Customizability;
  • Continuous deployment;
  • Rapid development;
  • Enhanced security.

Moreover, I have to admit that the evolution of Magento itself has accelerated. The level of improvement  between the Magento 1.4 and 1.9 versions was less than between versions 2.2 and 2.3 or 2.3 and 2.4.”

Magento is a platform that requires a hosting solution. If Magento Cloud doesn’t fit your requirements, study the article dedicated to the choice of a reliable web hosting provider in NEKLO Blog.

Closing Words

Ecommerce offers its perks and profits to ecommerce business owners, however it’s a challenging journey. We hope this related question digest will help you to solve the practical issues of online store management and development.

Moreover, as a web application development company, NEKLO is always ready to assist you with technical support and consulting. We can help you tailor a digital strategy to make your business glow. In case you have any questions to our Magento developers, contact us through the form on our website or directly. Let’s see how we can help to streamline your online store.