Development Operations: DevOps as a Service

NEKLO provides DevOps as a managed service to help improve and streamline the quality of your software, ensure less downtime and faster deployment of new features. 

We help businesses to have their software running properly through automated CI/CD pipelines, cloud environments, and integration technologies.

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How You Benefit from DevOps

You keep upgrading

We build a DevOps pipeline that works to upgrade your software functionality and features with your minimal inputs or even without your stepping in. The system deploys the code into the live environment directly.

You automate and innovate

We help you support innovation and address new market challenges on a continuous basis. Transformational changes upon iterative and continuous improvements are the result of our DevOps SaaS.

You continuously integrate

We base DevOps on the CI/CD methodology. This helps to apply changes in seconds through continuous product integration and automated tests, detect errors, and timely fix them, providing significant savings.

You continuously deliver

We help you establish and maintain a robust presence in the online world. Through the continuous code testing, we work to ensure your system functions smoothly, allowing your business to stay afloat.

What We Do as a DevOps Company

We work from scratch. We conduct a pre-audit of your current IT environment, set up the DevOps model and the project’s roadmap from scratch.

We use the latest toolset. Our DevOps toolchains include Git, Jenkins, Ansible, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes.

We adjust and tailor-make solutions. We can easily integrate DevOps within your existing IT environment and prefered toolchain.

24/7/365 customer support. We organize comprehensive tracking, monitoring, and support of your workloads and operations.

Why Opting for DevOps Is a Good Idea?

Reduce development cycle time

Our DevOps specialists resolve issues and fix bugs directly during testing and deployment, launching new features on the fly and reducing the development cycle time.

Automate your workflow

The use of continuous integration servers reduces manual work and automates the processes of code testing, which speeds up the overall development process.

Deliver better solutions

DevOps removes low-value tasks, allowing you and your teams to have much more time for innovation and quality enhancement of your apps and services.

Improve security and boost trust

DevOps facilitates safety. By integrating DevOps into the development process, you prevent spendings on security issues as the number of system vulnerabilities decreases.

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