March 27, 2024

NEKLO DIGEST #3: Custom Magento Development & Magento Migration Collection

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

NEKLO DIGEST #3: Magento Migration and Custom Development

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

NEKLO DIGEST #3: Magento Migration and Custom Development

In the 3rd NEKLO digest, we’re presenting a selection of 10 articles about the relevant aspects of Magento customization, Magento migration and custom Magento extension development. They all have been published in our blog earlier, at various times, and are all united by the same topic.

We invite you to explore the expert material written by our software engineering company about ecommerce in general and Magento solutions in particular.

Let’s roll.

Introduction: Why Choose Magento for Bespoke Software

In 2021, ecommerce keeps growing and the competition between leading ecommerce platforms gains momentum. NEKLO, as an agile software development team focusing on custom Magento development and Magento extensions building, meets an increasing number of Magento-project requests from customers as it’s still true that Magento is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms.

According to the recent stat data, there are more than a quarter of a million merchants that rely on Magento CMS to run their online businesses. The tendencies for 2021 show that ecommerce will remain a top priority for businesses in various industries. This means that ecommerce businesses will have an increasing demand for Magento upgrades to keep the companies growing.

Not in every case but rather often we’d suggest our customers to stop by Magento.

NEKLO specialists in custom software development for ecommerce and in Magento plugins are always generous to share their professional thoughts on Magento development for our blog articles.

This time, 10 articles guiding you through the most vital Magento points have been collected for the NEKLO digest #3.

Short & Helpful Articles on Magento Development & Migration

As a bespoke software development company and Magento Solution Partner, NEKLO has been dealing with the challenges and rewards of ecommerce customised software for a decade to be able to tell you for sure that Magento ensures consistent results. Not only do we deliver custom software solutions for ecommerce, we’re open to share our experience through NEKLO Blog.

Below are 10 helpful articles about the relevant aspects of Magento migration and custom development for ecommerce, along with our expert opinion.

1. NEKLO’s Best Sellers: Magento Social Media Extensions

Time to read: 12 min.


In this article, we’ve analyzed the 5 best Magento modules for social media integration developed by our team at NEKLO. You will learn how they can help to extend the functionality of an online store and facilitate social media signup and usage.

Our Magento extension development company has prepared an overview of our Magento 2 extensions for connecting a Magento online store with the most popular social media platforms, including:

It’s not made for mare promotion of our Magento 2 plugins. We strongly recommend to integrate this social media feature and offer you to get to know the rewards.

Check the article out:

2. Magento 2.4: What’s New and How to Benefit with the Update

Time to read: 9 min.


The release of Magento 2.4 in mid-summer 2020 was the first major update of the platform that year. The revamped Magento version has brought a bunch of updates, bug fixes, and security enhances.

Here are some figures revealed in the official release notes:

  • Over 100 fixes to core code;
  • 30 security enhancements;
  • 98 new features;
  • 12 extensions;
  • 7 test cycles.

In this article, our certified Magento developers have outlined the most important features that Magento 2.4 has brought to its clients and key information about the latest enhancements.

Follow the link:

3. Key New Features of Magento 2: Why Migrate & What to Know

Time to read: 13 min.


Migrate or not migrate? That is the question that challenges quite a number of online merchants running a store on Magento. On the one hand, Magento 2 migration offers lots of improvements for the website and customer experience, including:

  • Boosted performance and 2X speed increase;
  • Responsive themes and PWA suite;
  • Upgraded checkout process;
  • Increased number of Magento 2 modules to expand the functionality.

On the other hand, migrate Magento-based web store may not seem an easy task for small and midsize businesses.

In this article, we’ve prepared a short Magento 1 vs Magento 2 comparison, outlined the key benefits for those who still doubt about Magento migrate, and developed a short Magento 2 migration plan with a list of things to consider before starting the Magento migration process.

Get closer to the right decision:

4. Advice to Help Choose a Magento Development Company

Time to read: 13 min.


The creation of an online store or any other related ecommerce solution does not necessarily demand huge investments. However, the success of a software project depends on the work of a custom software development team you hire.

This article provides several factors to consider before hiring a Magento development company for building a custom website, executing Magento theme customization, or providing Magento upgrade service . You will learn:

  • Why you need a reliable Magento team;
  • What to consider when selecting Magento web developers;
  • The mistakes to avoid when hiring a Magento development company.

If selecting a custom software development vendor or Magento designers in particular is what you are looking for or interested in, don’t miss this article.

Read it here:

5. NEKLO DIGEST #2: Answering 8 Reddit Questions on Magento & eCommerce

Time to read: 10 min.


For this NEKLO digest, we’ve gathered 8 questions about custom Magento development and ecommerce from a famous American forum and social news aggregation website Reddit and invited Michail (our senior Magento specialist) to provide his frank opinion.

The Magento-related topics covered include:

  • Best Magento 2 module for payment gateway;
  • Magento 2 website speed up;
  • Alternatives to the Magento platform;
  • Magento 2 development issues.

Check out for more:

6. Why Magento is the Top Platform for Grocery & Food Delivery

Time to read: 14 min 30 sec.


In 2020, online grocery shopping was in the top 5 online shopping categories in the US with a $69.2 billion turnover. In 2021, it is still a good idea to start a grocery online store to create value and gain profit.

This article will provide you with a sneak-peek into the future of online food shopping. You will learn useful tips for selling food using a Magento web store.

Additionally, we’ve collected real success stories to reveal how Magento development services benefit food ordering & delivery giants.

Follow the link:

7. To-Do List for Magento 2 Checkout Page that Converts

Time to read: 11 min.


An immense number of customers leave the cart without completing the deal. This has always been presenting a problem for online store businesses and marketers. In 2020, the figure for the abandoned carts reached 88.05% of all online shopping orders.

One of the ways to avoid this issue is to improve the checkout page.

This article offers a to-do list with 10 solutions on how to increase conversion rates at the moment of checkout. Additionally, we’ve provided real-life examples from our portfolio to make you see and feel the difference.

Time to increase sales rates:

8. Graph API No More a Problem: New Instagram Feed Magento Extension

Time to read: 5 min.


With a total amount of more than 1 billion users, Instagram has become a true marketplace. As never before, now Instagram is suitable for running an ecommerce business and promoting your brand.

In this article, we discover what has changed for the online merchants with the new Graph API and explain how Instagram Feed by NEKLO brings benefits to an ecommerce activity as a solution for a trouble-free connection of an online store with the most powerful social network.

Find the article here:

9. Magento vs. Other eCommerce platforms: a Guide for a Wise Choice

Time to read: 12 min. 30 sec.


Online stores don’t start with design, functionalities, revenues, and visitor counters. The first thing to do is to choose an ecommerce platform suitable for the needs and requirements of your business.

Platforms differ. Their features differ too.

In this article, you will learn the main pros & cons as well as the core facts to take into consideration when selecting among the 3 famous ecommerce platforms such as:

Here’s the link:

10. Best Visual Merchandising Extensions for Magento

Time to read: 9 min.


As a custom app development company, we know how product visual presentation is important for customer experience and sustainable gains.

In this article, we’ve collected the main visual merchandising modules for Magento from our Magento extension store and other sources. It will take you less than 10 mins to understand how a visual merchandising Magento extension can upgrade a web store.

Take a look:

Wrapping Up

Ecommerce in general and Magento as a technical basement for a successful ecommerce activity open room for building online stores and solutions, while also enabling you to upgrade them and improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Hope our articles will help you with choosing the right path for improvements.

As a custom web application development company, NEKLO is always ready to help you with Magento support and consulting. In case you have questions related to Magento services or need Magento consulting, contact us through the form on our website or directly. Together we will make your software solution glow.