March 27, 2024

Total Re-Branding: NEKLO Website Gets a Revamp

Nadya Bakhur

Researcher, Technical Writer


NEKLO Website Gets Total Rebranding
March 27, 2024

Total Re-Branding: NEKLO Website Gets a Revamp

Nadya Bakhur

Researcher, Technical Writer


NEKLO Website Gets Total Rebranding

From design refinements to strategic repositioning, NEKLO rolls out its whole new, rebranded looks. Our website has been completely redesigned and we are anxious to introduce the new features and updates to you.

The aim was to provide you with a clear and easy way to learn about our services and products and give you a better understanding of who we are, what we value, and how we can help.

Easily-navigable and well-organized new website is a fresh start for NEKLO.

New Look, New Features, Steady Values

We follow the latest trends in software engineering and strive for self-development and change to help bring innovation to every project we work on. Our vision and values, however, remain steadfast.

NEKLO Team has always been:

  • Building lifetime partnerships with clients;
  • Sustaining effective communication;
  • Applying the process-centric approach to projects;
  • Crafting future tune-ups to keep up with the trends.

Major Upgrades and Kickoffs

NEKLO home page was the first to be renovated.

The key renewals include:

  • New logo and restyled UI

We have upgraded our brand logo and applied a new colour palette. The unified style of interface design provides consistent user experience, discreet and intuitive navigation no matter the device you use, mobile or desktop.

  • Catchy blocks and white space

The new website is clean, restrained, and minimalistic. Every design element and information block has its dedicated space and position.

The colour scheme applied to the website consists of a bright combination of blue, green and white. Together with the graphics, the new colours create a dynamic effect.

  • View from a new angle

The redesigned website’s pages, the upgraded logo concept, and animated interface interactions reflect the new “angle” from which we view our work.

We focus on the new technologies and advanced software engineering methods to provide not just a preferred service or solution, but the right and optical option.

Fresh Content

Through our new website, we want to tell you a story. That is the reason why the whole NEKLO rebranding project is based on the content-first approach.

It took us time to develop a strategy and craft content that would reflect our company’s expertise, experience, and ideas.

The new content includes primarily:

  • Useful, well-structured articles and copies;
  • Quality and high-resolution images;
  • Active social media communication.

NEKLO Home Page

The revamped home page allows users to learn about what we do and offers you to check out some of our latest works. We’ve preserved a simple design here to make sure the key elements are easy to navigate.

The rebuilt NEKLO home page consists of 3 main blocks:

1. Featured Services

In the Featured Services block, we present three of the most frequently requested software development services by our customers.

These are the complex options that cover the full project development cycle. Our team of more than 40 skilled experts with over a decade of practical experience will help you develop your own custom software and pack it with the features that you need.

2. Featured Projects

The Featured Projects block is showing the most recent software, Magento, and app development solutions we worked on.

Each separate project page contains challenges that we have faced, results that we have achieved, and shows the diversity of business niches that we have helped over time.

By clicking on the View All button, you will get to see more of our success stories.

3. NEKLO Blog

In our Blog, we mostly talk to business owners, entrepreneurs, and ecommerce technology enthusiasts and share expert opinions on tools, best practices, latest techniques, and trends applied within software development and ecommerce.

Selecting topics and ideas for the articles is always something we approach seriously so that to make each blog post worth your attention and read.

Topics and categories that are of particular interest to our customers include:


What We Do to Help Businesses Innovate

The sections describing our general and Magento services have also undergone transformation.  

General Services. We have restructured and expanded the menu section of our general services. Each option now has a detailed explanation that states the full spectrum of works we deliver.

The idea running through this section is that NEKLO is not just another web service provider. By cooperating with us you get a web partner to help you define the way forward.

Magento Services. The renewed Magento services section provides a list of our Magento Сommerce related services and the form to contact our certified Magento developers.

As the official Magento Solution Partner, NEKLO offers a full spectrum of Magento development, support, and maintenance services including:

  • Magento migration and update;
  • Custom Magento development;
  • Magento website design services;
  • Magento system administration;
  • Magento monitoring and breakdown prevention;
  • Magento performance monitoring.


Our technology stack now has its standalone page that demonstrates robust web development frameworks, libs, and tools that we use for building solution’s backend and frontend.

In addition, the Technologies page shows the expertise of our specialists. We are constantly monitoring the latest tech updates, selecting the best and the most effective ones to make our customers succeed.


The new website for us is a new way to talk to you and your business, a new way to express our concept of software solutions development, a new step onward and upward for our company.

The fonts, icons, and images convey NEKLO’s character. The customer-focused and communication-oriented approach is what we value and translate through this rebranding.

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand”

– Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

Through the new style and way of communication, we reach out to you to show our dynamic spirit, vivid personality, and voice.