Consulting and Support

NEKLO provides a full range of support services and ecommerce consulting services to help make your project outperform the competition.
Reach out to us to define a digital strategy, analyze your current business operations, DevOps opportunities, or create a brand-new UI/UX design for your website or app. Our ecommerce strategy consulting team can help make your business glow.

Insightful Technology Advisory Services

eCommerce consulting firms are in demand. NEKLO, as one of the leading, can help to fine-tune your marketing strategy and make progress.

Technology Consulting

Through providing technology consulting services, we help to enhance the processes that are running in your company.

Business Analysis

Business analysis services help bridge the gap between your business and emerging technologies. Our team will indicate what is financially and functionally reasonable for your business to stay ahead of the curve.

UI/UX Design

The NEKLO team’s experts in the field of UI/UX design services will cover all the product design stages, from the conceptualization to customer flow mapping, to implementation and feedback-driven testing of finite elements.

DevOps Services

We assist companies in building up continuous, clear, and short software delivery cycles by providing end-to-end DevOps services in line with the latest methodologies.

Testing and QA

We’ve honed our skills in quality assurance. Our experts will test your website, web or mobile app no matter the development cycle phase. On the request, we will infuse a quality check as a part of your on-going development process or launch an independent QA project.

Maintenance and Support

We are able to help you overcome maintenance challenges through our top-notch support keeping your systems and operation fail-safe.

SaaS Product Development

Through the SaaS model, we offer access to an online hosting that does not require installation. We will help you to scale and secure your business, select a technology stack, develop a pricing strategy, and more.

Amazon Web Services

As the Amazon Web Services provider, our team is able to boost your dynamic websites and application servers running in the cloud by using AWS real-time data. Depending on your immediate and long-term goals, we will select the functionality to help you scale and grow.

Chatbot Development

We can build a chatbot for your website or mobile app. A smart assistant will speed up personalized support and onboarding, as well as help your business to stay in touch with the website visitors and app users.


Trustworthy partner

We offer fair pricing on a fixed and hourly basis. Our specialists use popular project management software, like Jira, so that you can have access to the entire progress of your project.

Professional crew

We are a solid team of over 40 talented experts equipped with practical knowledge and over a decade of experience spanning a wide range of ecommerce projects.

Flexible workflows

We are able to handle tasks of any complexity and size, deliver the utmost quality web application services in short time frames, and handle additional requirements.

Focus on long-lasting bonds

We are willing to sustain partnerships with our customers, continuously deliver impressive software, and provide technical support during the post-production period.

Project Budgeting

For our customers, we offer both bundled rate plans and individual rate plans for each separate software service. The bundled rates are set for each NEKLO developer and include the costs for ¼ time of a QA engineer, a DevOps specialist, and a Project Manager. A bundled rate is preferable if you are opting for a combination of our services or our all-inclusive services.

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