Meet Magento CZ 2017: Learning, Networking and Getting Inspired in Prague

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After months of preparations and hard work, now, when Meet Magento CZ 2017 is over, we at NEKLO are proud to say that the second Conference in Prague was nothing short of incredible. We would like to thank all of you, our Attendees, Speakers, and Sponsors, for coming to join us on that special day.It was a great pleasure for us to see you.  We hope you enjoyed the Conference as much as we did. Our special thanks to Meet Magento Association for giving us this amazing opportunity to bring Meet Magento to the Czech Republic.For all the attendees and for those who did not have the opportunity to be with us on April 27 in Prague, here is the flashback of the most memorable moments of Meet Magento CZ 2017. Enjoy!

A New Dimension of Experience: Meet Magento in a Cinema Theater

After the huge success of the pioneering Meet Magento CZ last year, this time we decided to take the event to the next level and introduce the new format to the Conference set at the cutting-edge CineStar movie theatre.  Meet Magento CZ 2017 became the first Meet Magento event held in a video playground.  Attendees have enjoyed Speakers’ presentations on the big HD screens, incredible Dolby Atmos sound, and comfortable seats.Between sessions, the attendees had a unique chance to play video games right on a cinema screen. Check this out!Meet Magento CZ 2017 in Figures:
  • Over 200 attendees from 12 countries
  • 2 learning tracks in 2 cinema halls
  • 8.5 hours of talks
  • 20 amazing speakers and a special guest
  • 3 Best eCommerce Award Winners
  • 230+ tweets posted with the mm17cz hashtag

The Agenda

Meet Magento CZ 2017 agenda was tightly scheduled, with 21 talks from international speakers in the program. The scope of the conference encompassed a variety of topics from Magento development and marketing strategies for growing an eCommerce store to inspiring success stories and a keynote from Petr Fejk, the former Director of Prague Zoo.Traditionally, the conference began with a keynote address from the Meet Magento Association. This time the speech was delivered by amazing Lydia Schaffranek. Thomas Goletz, the President of the MMA, was not able to come and sent his video instead to greet the attendees and show his appreciation and commitment to the Meet Magento community.Next on stage was Ben Marks, a Magento Evangelist, an inspiring speaker and our good friend. Ben presented the progress of the Magento ecosystem today and shared his insights on retail growth. The most intriguing part of the presentation was Ben’s announcements of the updates in Magento and Magento 2.— Andrew Baker (@andbkr) 27 апреля 2017 г.Last but not least to take the stage in the first session was Roman Sysel from Taxify, who shared his inspiring story of Taxify having grown from a startup into a successful company estimated at $80M.During the next hour and a half there followed case studies from Global Payments Europe, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, and Artio, also featured among the Sponsors of the event.After lunch the talks split into 2 sessions – Business and Technical, organized in two separate cinema halls. Each was equipped with a huge HD-screen and professional Dolby sound system.

Technical Track

Exclusively at Meet Magento CZ in Prague, there were Max Yekaterynenko and Igor Miniailo from the incredible team of Magento architects with their professional insights.Another great talk was delivered by Ivan Chepurnyi from EcomDev BV. Ivan spoke of the challenges of architecting Magento 2.0 customizations and shared some useful tips.One more talk we should mention is the one by Miguel Balparda from Nexcess, devoted to the new bin/magento2 CLI tool.

Business Track

The first speaker to take the stage in the Business Room was Riccardo Tempesta with his talk “The right tools for the right job” devoted to the practical issues of developing in Magento 2.Next to speak at the Business Track was Kristina Pototskaya with her “5 Latest Email Marketing Trends for 2017”. A charismatic speaker, Kristina spoke of email personalization hacks, strategies to increase conversion rates, and the ways of turning customers into repeat buyers.One more great talk was provided by Victor Kravtsov, a Product Manager from Amasty. In his talk on a joyful shopping experience, Victor shared his thoughts about usability and design trends. Below you will find some helpful insights from the presentation.

Petr Fejk: a Meet Magento CZ 2017 Special Guest

The last speaker to take the stage was Petr Fejk, a special guest of Meet Magento CZ 2017. A former director of Prague Zoo, Petr led this fine establishment into the Top 10 Zoos in the world. Known for his incredible effort after the devastating floods of 2002, Petr told his inspiring life story and explored how to build a business that matters.

Best eCommerce Awards 2017: The Winners

The final part of Meet Magento CZ 2017 was the Best eCommerce Awards ceremony. For almost a month the most prominent representatives of the industry have competed in three nomination categories:
  • – Best eCommerce Store: The Award for excellence in delivering seamless online user experience;
  • – Best Magento eCommerce Store: The Award for excellence in delivering captivating user experience on Magento;
  • – Best Innovative Design: The Award for excellence in design and innovation.
The Winners were decided according to the results of the open voting of members of the Meet Magento Association. The competition was tough, and we would like to thank all the nominees for taking part.And now, the results. The Winners of the 2017 Best eCommerce Awards are – Best eCommerce Store 2017, – Best eCommerce Magento Store 2017, and – Best Innovative Design.Our congratulations and best wishes to you, guys! What you do is great and we hope to see you at Meet Magento CZ next year!

The After Party

According to the Meet Magento survey, the Meet Magento CZ 2016 after-party was named the best. Long after the event was over, we’ve been receiving positive feedback from the attendees.This year, as promised, we decided to follow the tradition and organize a huge after-party at the same great venue, Velká klášterní restaurant (Great Monastery Restaurant).